Write-Away Friday: Run or Dye

1. What tasks have you completed recently?  


This morning I ran a 5K in El Paso called Run or Dye with my two sisters, Hannah and Heidi, and my brother in law Sam. We were able to keep a good pace and we completed it in about half an hour including all the pictures and what not. At the very end it was pretty neat because there was a bunch of people at the end screaming “way to go” “good job” or just “Woohoo”. We ran down the rows and gave a lot of people high fives, it was pretty neat. I really had a lot of fun and I momentarily felt like a celebrity. And after that we all got in a big group and were dancing and shouting and music was playing and then on cue we all threw a hand full or more of dye in the air. It was crazy and mostly hard to breath but it looked cool and was a great experience.

2. What have you learned recently? 


On Friday I was telling people I was going to a run or dye event the next day. It took some people awhile to realized I meant DYE in stead of DIE. They thought that I was just some super athletic person or something. This really taught me a lesson about perception and what people mean when they say something. A lot of times we compare ourselves to what people say about themselves and we think “wow they do this or that and I am not even close to doing it” while in reality things aren’t as hard as they seem or made out to be different then they really are. You can never truly know how it is for someone else because you are not them and you were not there. Therefore, don’t compare yourself to others because the person you compare yourself is based on your perception and isn’t how it is.  

3. What are you planning on doing next?


Next I plan on doing tons of homework because there is a lot of information that I need to learn about history, the bones, Pre-Calculus, and a little bit this weekend in Chemistry. Also I plan on working on my Orchestra playing test.


Write-Away Friday: Net Ionic Equations

1. What tasks have you completed recently?  

Yesterday I did a small lab in Ms.Gardner’s Honors Chem class. We did multiple reactions with multiple chemicals to see which would react. Once we determined which ones reacted we used that info to write Net Ionic Eqns, which I did. There was 26 reactions out of a possibility of  66.

2. What have you learned recently? 

I learned that Na, NH3, K, and NO3 didn’t react and become a solid, so they make up the aqueous part in the reaction. I also learned there are 4 steps to writing a Net Ionic Equation.

1. Balance the Equation

2. Dissociate all strong Electrolytes

3. Cross out spectator Ions.

4. Write Eqn with species remaining.

3. What are you planning on doing next?

According to the Flipped notes on the Chemistry page I plan on learning Metathesis Reactions next.


Baby Bottle Lab



Honestly I found this lab, the baby bottle lab, quite easy. I may have had some luck on my side, but my bottle went 600 the first time I did it. Continually after that result, I repeatably got 600 cm. In the beginning I knew that it would take more Vinegar to react because it wasn’t 100% Vinegar it was only 5%. Which means that there was less of that compound to react with within the total amount of vinegar. I did however try Katelyn bottle and used similar ratios to that of my bottle. In her bottle I was only able to go about 550 cm. This taught me a little about this experiment. I learned that the bottle and the lid need to be easily put together. Her bottle often had issues coming together and therefore a lot of baking soda was lost. Also the lid needs to be tight and hers wasn’t. So the bottle actually was slightly important even if you had a good combo of Baking Soda and Vinegar. But how did I come up with a good combo of Baking Soda and Vinegar? I think I was just lucky that it worked out the first time even though I sort of had the method about the vinegar and I thought that about half the bottle and a cap full would evenly be used up to react, but if I did this again I would try use conversions before the experiment to see what grams would get me the desired product without having much leftover because stoicheometric conversions let you figure out how much will react to the final product by using moles, grams and the Molecular weights.



Write-Away Friday: Performing with Misty

1. What tasks have you completed recently?  

I had the opportunity of  performing with a group of local musicians and Misty Boyce.  She is truly a talented musician that performed with Sara Bareilles, Naked Brothers Band, and many musicians of that caliber.  It was such an honor to work with her, because as a student in high school it is not common to play with people who actually are renown musicians. It was interesting to see how pop musicians like her are not all that great at reading written music and symbols, but can just come up with a melody and play it on the spot.  At some points in the program I saw her improvising on stage. The audience probably couldn’t tell but between each rehearsal some solo parts continually changed, but it was amazing how each time it sounded great and I couldn’t decide which way I liked best. They were always equally fantastic. It was two performances that I had to play with her.The first was good, but the second one had a very different feeling from the audience and the musicians around me. I had the feeling of “we got this” that just made it fun and the confidence actually boosted by playing. 

2. What have you learned recently? 

Of course in order to play with Misty I had to learn the music. These past few months the Orchestra and I have been working tirelessly to tune our notes, but  also to learn the syncopated rhythm common in pop music. It took a lot of time but we pulled off a very successful concert. Oh and I also learned that famous people are real people too. I mean that seems obvious but its not until you know one that that becomes real to you  
3. What are you planning on doing next?

Next we have to learn the music for the Holiday concert. This time though it wont be as exciting for us as it will be for the eighth graders that will be eager to play with older “cool” kids. I think for this next concert I will focus on perfect pitches and a good bow technique in order to play my BEST!!!


A mole

When learning about the Mole, at first I thought it was going to be really complicated and confusing. I thought that it would be hard to grasp. In actuality it really made more sense then I thought it would.  For me it was common sense to use the mole as a conversion factor, especially when we started stoichiometry. That doesn’t mean I always know how to solve the problem, but when I get what to do I know how to do it. Today I had an aha moment when I was doing my glog. I realized how there could be a mole of molecules and a mole of atoms. It should have been obvious but it took me this long to realize a mole of molecules accounts for a mole of each atom. Now I know that Avogadro’s number (6.02×10^23) is a mole. And I know that it is used primarily for calculations to bring the molecular world into the visual world. Last but not least, having to do moles made me look more closely at the keyboard and now I know where the exponent button is (it is Shift 6).

 What do you call the number of molecules in a mole of guacamole? Avocado's Number  | Chemistry Cat



Write-Away Firday: Woodlawn Bus Tragedy

This week I had and have (I have performed but there are still performances tonight) the opportunity to experience and share an experience from the past. This was an accident that occurred on a bridge near Fort Sumner in 1972 the day after Christmas. There was two buses traveling from Texas to New Mexico. The first bus passed a tractor trailer and did fine. The second bus however was hit. ” In the flash, Roberts (the driver of the first bus) witnessed the behemoth cattle truck and the trailing bus crash with such ferocity that the collision ripped the bus frame from its body.” Nineteen people killed and sixteen of them where teenagers. I wasn’t there and I don’t quite think my words could even compare to that of the people who where there. The article describes the words of the victims of this accident in a way that clearly says more than I ever could.


“Survivors describe the outlines of terrifying, heart-wrenching scenes — the cries for help, the heroic, frantic efforts to comfort and tend to the injured, the limp and lifeless bodies tangled in the heap. The collision sent luggage hurtling from the back of the bus and wrenched seats loose from the floor moorings, pinning the victims.

“You knew friends were dying,” Wesson said.” 


This next portion of the blog is my part in Ghosts of the Past. Although I did the research in the character and added ideas to the script,  it was actually written by Megan Rupp.






October 2013




(Laura is laying on the ground partially covered by a jacket. She is dazed.) Do you know where the bus is? I can’t find it. I should be on the bus… I can’t believe I ruined my new dress! I just got it yesterday. It was a Christmas present. Mom only let me wear it on the trip, because I promised I wouldn’t get it ruined. Why do I always mess things up? I can’t find the bus… (suddenly very aware.) That’s right. I forgot. The bus is gone. There was a flash of sparks. They looked like Christmas Lights. Then there was a loud crunching sound and my head… it hurt. There was glass. It was broken. The seat was bent. I couldn’t get out! I couldn’t get out! (frantic, grabbing at stomach) Help! Help! It hurts… It hurts… (suddenly calm) Mom’ll be mad that I ruined my new dress. How could I do that? Now I’ll never wear it to Friday Great Hall… and I was gonna finally get Jimmy to notice me… It’s not fair. My stomach hurts. It hurts. It hurts. It hurts! (crying) Why does it hurt? WHY? Where is the bus? I should be on the bus… We’re going to the Bible Retreat. We’re gonna ski…and have fun…We were singing…
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(singing, haltingly)
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Lean on me, when you’re not strong. And I’ll be your friend. I’ll help you carry on. For it won’t be long…


‘Til I’m gonna need somebody… … to lean on. (Laura’s eyes close and her head falls.)


I know history is important and that it is stories of life-changing experiences. I think remembering the past helps to honor those that have had these sorts of tragedies. As well as the bravery of those who were there helping the ones that were injured or didn’t survive. So far I think my performances have captivated the audience and I have share these peoples lives with those who have come to see. I plan to also do a spectacular performance tonight to show that those people matter.

40 years after Woodlawn bus tragedy, survivors recall horror, then outpouring of compassion photo


Write-Away Friday Ballroom Dance

1. What tasks have you completed recently?

  2. What have you learned recently? 

3. What are you planning on doing next?

I am super excited because I have started a dance class (that is more like a club) at NMSU and I am learning ballroom dance. Two weeks ago I learned the Country two step. This past week I didn’t attend but I want to continue to go in the future.  I absolutely love it. I also went the next day to another dance class like this one but I missed the class portion due to other commitments and I just did the social dance after. Throughout the night I learned a little bit about a lot of dances. I did west coast swing, waltz, and a whole bunch I can’t remember the name of. What was the best though was following the leads that knew how to dance. I got to do things like dips, spins, and countless other moves. I will continue to go and instead of following pathetically I will know what I am doing as I go more and more. Oh and another thing that I learned through this experience is that when you dance and “step on the other persons toes” or mess up don’t say sorry. All most all of the people I danced with told me to act like I meant to do it. ( I was very bad at this).