Write-Away Friday

1. What tasks have you completed recently?

I have about 8 pecan trees in my back yard. Saturday morning in the chill air, the tree shakers came and shook all the trees and left piles of branches, leaves, and pecan nuts. Throughout the day my brother, mom, dad, and I sorted though these piles to get the prize possession ( Pecan nuts) to take to the shelling place in time to get them back as a present for my extended relatives. I think we picked up 200 pounds of the nuts. This was about 3 bag fulls. and I mean big sacks full to the top of pecans.  

2. What have you learned recently? 

Recently I have learned how muscles contract. So far I am still a little bit confused about this but, as my group and I do the claymation things are slowly but surely becoming clearer. The funny thing is as I am moving around I think about my muscles contracting and which ones do what. I sometimes when I am bored sit there raising my eyebrows, thinking about the frontalis. As Taylor would say “Anatomy Problems”. Lol. Some other things that I have learned is the basics of the gas laws. I think my favorite thing is cover your P with DRT. I just think that that is the funniest thing. FYI this is an equation to find molar mass. I have learned a lot more but that is probably my favorite thing.
3. What are you planning on doing next?

Next I plan to get through the week with Finals, E.O.C’s and the Musical beauty and the Beast Starting. I can not wait for Christmas Break. Hallelujah!!!! Ok well I got to go prep  a little more for the E.O.C tomorrow so bye:). 



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