Diagram of airbag inflation

When the sensor attached to the airbag hidden in the steering wheel detects a collision force equal to running into a brick wall at 10 to 15 miles per hour, its sodium azide–containing inflator produces an electric spark that ignites the sodium azide. This causes a bunch of hot Nitrogen gas to be produced quickly. This fills the airbag and causes it to bust through the steering wheel.  In seconds the bag is already deflating by the holes in it in order to get out of your way. With the spark we see that the temperature and the Volume of the Airbag are directly related. As well as we see more moles on Nitrogen filling the bag to increase the volume to help cushion your impact. And that is how the gas laws help to make the airbag full so that it will help cushion the impact.



Thermochemistry is a way to follow energy. In professions like Explosive Engineers, they need to know how to handle explosives so that they can extract materials from the earth needed for making food tastier, as well as needed for computers and cell phones and can be used to build buildings and pave roads. In Explosives (where energy is released) the reaction needs to be Exothermic, other wise it would be a failed explosive and be Endothermic and absorb energy. According to the free dictionary Enthalpy is  “A partial measure of the internal energy of a system. Enthalpy cannot be directly measured, but changes in it can be. If an outside pressure on a system is held constant, a change in enthalpy entails a change in the system’s internal energy, plus a change in the system’s volume (meaning the system exchanges energy with the outside world). For example, in endothermic chemical reactions, the change in enthalpy is the amount of energy absorbed by the reaction; in exothermic reactions, it is the amount given off.” This is important because they need to know how big the boom is going to be to get the desired result without overdoing it, or not completing the task the explosive was designed to do.  Knowing how much energy is released in reactions is important, 71% of all explosions in the United States is used for coal mining, so  Scientist must know the exact output of explosions to break rock, but not enough to destroy everything else. Therefore thermochemistry is crucial to determine the amount of energy released.

Write-Away Friday

1. What tasks have you completed recently?

I have about 8 pecan trees in my back yard. Saturday morning in the chill air, the tree shakers came and shook all the trees and left piles of branches, leaves, and pecan nuts. Throughout the day my brother, mom, dad, and I sorted though these piles to get the prize possession ( Pecan nuts) to take to the shelling place in time to get them back as a present for my extended relatives. I think we picked up 200 pounds of the nuts. This was about 3 bag fulls. and I mean big sacks full to the top of pecans.  

2. What have you learned recently? 

Recently I have learned how muscles contract. So far I am still a little bit confused about this but, as my group and I do the claymation things are slowly but surely becoming clearer. The funny thing is as I am moving around I think about my muscles contracting and which ones do what. I sometimes when I am bored sit there raising my eyebrows, thinking about the frontalis. As Taylor would say “Anatomy Problems”. Lol. Some other things that I have learned is the basics of the gas laws. I think my favorite thing is cover your P with DRT. I just think that that is the funniest thing. FYI this is an equation to find molar mass. I have learned a lot more but that is probably my favorite thing.
3. What are you planning on doing next?

Next I plan to get through the week with Finals, E.O.C’s and the Musical beauty and the Beast Starting. I can not wait for Christmas Break. Hallelujah!!!! Ok well I got to go prep  a little more for the E.O.C tomorrow so bye:).

Write-Away Friday: Thanks Giving.

This past week  I have thought a lot about Thanksgiving. If you look at the word it is literally split into two words, Thanks and Giving. The first part I would like to talk about is something I heard from my Aunt Sharon. She told me something that she heard from the Preacher or Minister which was “What if you woke up tomorrow and the only thing that you had was the things you were thankful for?” This made me think about the things I have. I have so much and I don’t even take anytime to appreciate them. I don’t thank my Heavenly Father for the things that he has given me and I think mainly about the things that I do want. So the first part is noticing the things in your life that are good things to have and having an attitude of gratitude for them. The second part is Giving. My sister has been serving a mission for my church in Cape Verde. She sees people who don’t have much but are always willing to give. In this weeks letter she wrote: “Well, this family is darn poor, but they ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS want to feed us. Every night, Patricia tells us the “special” of the night. Well, after we took Bruna home after our appointments, Patricia handed us a container FULL of food (rice and fish meal). WHAT THE DUMB. The people here are just so humble and great. I love it. Also, I am gonna get nice and Gordo here.” For some reason through the week this stuck with me. I have seen people around me and even sometimes I find myself money grubbing. Why is it that when we have so much are so ungrateful and unwilling to share there are people with nothing sharing all that they have? i don’t know why I felt like writing about this but it is something I want to work on so that I can be more grateful and happy about the things I do have. And I wanted to share a little bit of the things I have been up to this past week. Yesterday I had the opportunity to go to Cloud croft with my family. We got Christmas trees. And I don’t mean tree I mean Trees. We got FIVE trees. One for my house, one for Heidi’s house, one for Rhett’s house, one for Megan’s house, and one for my Grandmother’s house. It took sometime but we were able to find some and have an epic snowball fight!!!  So that has been my Thanksgiving and below is a picture of my Nephew Jarom’s hand and my Niece Lexia and me at Thanksgiving Breakfast.