Write-Away Friday: French Toast

1. What tasks have you completed recently?  

This past Saturday ( I know I am writing this a bit late :/ anyways ) the opportunity presented itself to teach my six year old nephew, Jarom, to make French Toast. He loves French Toast. Every time I babysit and offer to make breakfast that is what he requests. So I thought I would teach him and was an awesome little chief. Coconut Banana French Toast recipe photo

2. What have you learned recently?

He made himself some and then was complaining because his brother kept stealing his food off of his plate. So after he finished his French Toast he decided to make some more. Hyrum, his brother, asked Jarom if he would make him some too. Jarom at first was still angry that he stole his french toast and said “NO!”. I asked him “Why won’t you make him some?” Jarom said, ” Because Hyrum’s a big fat Jerk!” I explained how we need to be nice even when people aren’t nice to us. In church we have rings with CTR on them which stands for Choose the Right. I asked Jarom ” Does it say Choose the Right when other people are nice to us?” He of course shook his head no. Then he made him some. So many people do things based on how other people treat them. They like someone because the other person likes them. Or they hate someone because the other person hates them. Or they are mean to someone because that person was mean first. Are we so much controlled by other people that our whole interaction with the world is based on what someone else does? I know in this case making some food for his brother would only help him better master making French Toast. If we would just choose the High Road how much could just doing that help our friendship, skill, or just out look and attitude about each other? I think that changing your attitude to do what you know is right regardless of the other person would make you someone who acts and is not acted upon.

A CTR ring is a common symbol of the Church. I...

3. What are you planning on doing next?

Going to School tomorrow and working really hard for two days so I can have the most relaxation time. I NEED time to regenerate desperately!!!!

Stress Worry Woman with Text on White





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