Write-Away Friday: Run or Dye

1. What tasks have you completed recently?  


This morning I ran a 5K in El Paso called Run or Dye with my two sisters, Hannah and Heidi, and my brother in law Sam. We were able to keep a good pace and we completed it in about half an hour including all the pictures and what not. At the very end it was pretty neat because there was a bunch of people at the end screaming “way to go” “good job” or just “Woohoo”. We ran down the rows and gave a lot of people high fives, it was pretty neat. I really had a lot of fun and I momentarily felt like a celebrity. And after that we all got in a big group and were dancing and shouting and music was playing and then on cue we all threw a hand full or more of dye in the air. It was crazy and mostly hard to breath but it looked cool and was a great experience.

2. What have you learned recently? 


On Friday I was telling people I was going to a run or dye event the next day. It took some people awhile to realized I meant DYE in stead of DIE. They thought that I was just some super athletic person or something. This really taught me a lesson about perception and what people mean when they say something. A lot of times we compare ourselves to what people say about themselves and we think “wow they do this or that and I am not even close to doing it” while in reality things aren’t as hard as they seem or made out to be different then they really are. You can never truly know how it is for someone else because you are not them and you were not there. Therefore, don’t compare yourself to others because the person you compare yourself is based on your perception and isn’t how it is.  

3. What are you planning on doing next?


Next I plan on doing tons of homework because there is a lot of information that I need to learn about history, the bones, Pre-Calculus, and a little bit this weekend in Chemistry. Also I plan on working on my Orchestra playing test.


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