Baby Bottle Lab



Honestly I found this lab, the baby bottle lab, quite easy. I may have had some luck on my side, but my bottle went 600 the first time I did it. Continually after that result, I repeatably got 600 cm. In the beginning I knew that it would take more Vinegar to react because it wasn’t 100% Vinegar it was only 5%. Which means that there was less of that compound to react with within the total amount of vinegar. I did however try Katelyn bottle and used similar ratios to that of my bottle. In her bottle I was only able to go about 550 cm. This taught me a little about this experiment. I learned that the bottle and the lid need to be easily put together. Her bottle often had issues coming together and therefore a lot of baking soda was lost. Also the lid needs to be tight and hers wasn’t. So the bottle actually was slightly important even if you had a good combo of Baking Soda and Vinegar. But how did I come up with a good combo of Baking Soda and Vinegar? I think I was just lucky that it worked out the first time even though I sort of had the method about the vinegar and I thought that about half the bottle and a cap full would evenly be used up to react, but if I did this again I would try use conversions before the experiment to see what grams would get me the desired product without having much leftover because stoicheometric conversions let you figure out how much will react to the final product by using moles, grams and the Molecular weights.


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