Write-Away Friday: Performing with Misty

1. What tasks have you completed recently?  

I had the opportunity of  performing with a group of local musicians and Misty Boyce.  She is truly a talented musician that performed with Sara Bareilles, Naked Brothers Band, and many musicians of that caliber.  It was such an honor to work with her, because as a student in high school it is not common to play with people who actually are renown musicians. It was interesting to see how pop musicians like her are not all that great at reading written music and symbols, but can just come up with a melody and play it on the spot.  At some points in the program I saw her improvising on stage. The audience probably couldn’t tell but between each rehearsal some solo parts continually changed, but it was amazing how each time it sounded great and I couldn’t decide which way I liked best. They were always equally fantastic. It was two performances that I had to play with her.The first was good, but the second one had a very different feeling from the audience and the musicians around me. I had the feeling of “we got this” that just made it fun and the confidence actually boosted by playing. 

2. What have you learned recently? 

Of course in order to play with Misty I had to learn the music. These past few months the Orchestra and I have been working tirelessly to tune our notes, but  also to learn the syncopated rhythm common in pop music. It took a lot of time but we pulled off a very successful concert. Oh and I also learned that famous people are real people too. I mean that seems obvious but its not until you know one that that becomes real to you  
3. What are you planning on doing next?

Next we have to learn the music for the Holiday concert. This time though it wont be as exciting for us as it will be for the eighth graders that will be eager to play with older “cool” kids. I think for this next concert I will focus on perfect pitches and a good bow technique in order to play my BEST!!!



2 thoughts on “Write-Away Friday: Performing with Misty

  1. You I noticed that Misty would play something different every time she played the same song. That girl really did surprise me with her singing abilities. I mean like when she would get really into a song she truly did sound great.

    • I agree it was amazing how much you could feel the music when she got into it. What I meant was, that when she was playing by herself she kinda just played the same general sound or chords but she had more liberty without others playing with her and could just have fun on stage and play how she felt. I don’t know if you noticed that as well, but I definitely did.

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