Write-away Friday

  1. What tasks have you completed recently? 

This week In Gardner’s’ Chemistry class and Anatomy and Physiology I worked on labs such as the conservation of Mass Lab, The Small-Scale 6 Chemical Names and Formulas lab, and A Tissue lab. I also did a glog about the history of the Atom. As well as I came in during lunch to do a retake for the first quiz in anatomy and physiology over the human body. Along with this, I think i have become quite sufficient in using my knowledge of the names of the parts of the human body in absurd day to day context to make things funny. Such as today, Devin tried to draw a star on my elbow with her pen. Instead of saying “why are you drawing on my elbow?”, I said “What are you doing, drawing on my Olecranal?” In this way, I am forced to think about the names day to day by using them constantly in my speech, but the language is so complex compared to regular speech and therefore it is quite funny  in context. So I have found that I also have been able to successful study constantly without needing to actually “study”.

 2. What have you learned recently? 

Oh man!! I have learned a ton this week. I have learned how to write a chemical equation by using anions and cations. I now know how name a poly-atomic ion (but I still need to use my chart). I am also getting better at going back and forth between names and formulas. I have learned better what types of Epithelium and Connective tissue there are, and I am starting to understand how their form correlates to there function. Also i have I have learned how to manage my time a little bit better. I have learned to find time to do a little here and a little there.  And I have learned that when you have a lot on your plate, or you feel defeated, that is the worst time to give up. I learned that in ap U.S. history by reading common sense by Thomas Paine and comparing my life to the Revolution in overcoming a hard task that seems greater than you and how rewarding it will be if I work hard.

  3. What are you planning on doing next?

I plan on memorizing connective and epithelial tissues as well as their form and function. I also plan on memorizing  the equations of cations and anions, So that I can be ready for next week and the future classes I take. 




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